Introduction to the Token System

The TriLife Ecosystem is supported by a token economy and is designed to power the network, provide utility and incentives, and enhance network reach. The TriLife token system includes:

TRI – The ERC-20 utility token of the TriLife Ecosystem, forms the basis of an internal economy that ensures the security of the network and powers many of the functionalities provided in the ecosystem. This token will be listed on exchanges and form the backbone of the new ecosystem that unites service providers with users.

The TriLife Utility Token (TRI)

TRI is a facilitator of honest community participation and is the core of the TriLife Ecosystem

TRI (an ERC-20 token) is an intrinsic part of the TriLife Network and will be required for transactions throughout the ecosystem. With DappTricity’s vision significantly expanding, the company noted that a token with updated functionality will enable a whole host of new opportunities for exciting products and integrations. By utilising TRI where integrated in the TriLife Ecosystem, participants will be able to benefit from discounts/promotions and access specific applications that require TRI in order to function. As the TriLife Ecosystem expands, TRI use cases will naturally evolve alongside it in order to provide utility to the new products. The aim of DappTricity is for TRI to be used effortlessly on a daily basis throughout a suite of products that truly benefit users’ lives.